2 NIC on server, how can I route traffic through a specific one?

I have 2 NICs in my MS 2003 Server running AD. 1 NIC for internal network, 1 for external network. One workstation is connected to the internal NIC. I'm trying to set it up, so the workstation and the server will try to hit the internet via the 2nd NIC. For some reason, I'm overlooking something... how do I need to configure this?

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damalanoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
maybe this helps
adjust it to your needs

set up routing and remote access. Make sure your second nic is in an other subnet range.
this way you will make the server the router.
Sebastian_StraussAuthor Commented:
Well, I'm kind of looking for a how-to-guide ... I know this is supposed to work, and I know it involves routing... but how do I set it up?

Valentin NikolovSystem and Network AdministratorCommented:

you may make RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Connection  to the win 2003 server and you will have internet in the session.
the server will allow two remote sessions and one console  without terminal server installed on it
Start -->Programs--> Accessories-->Remote Desktop Connection


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