Windows XP Blue Screen - ATI3DUAG.DLL

My windows XP pro machine blue screens several times a day.  I am running SP 3.  The blue screen error message is referring to the following file........ATI3DUAG.DLL

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix?
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clarktr2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Found a few things out on the web:

1st) There seems to be some evidence that these two MS patches might help:


2nd) This is referring to an ATI driver I believe, so you might try updating your driver.

Hope that helps!
1. Make sure you video card is set properly.

2. Do a clean uninstall of your video card drivers and then do a clean re-install.

Most of time these error occurs when problem related to memory, Video Controllers You need to add more Virtual Memory.

1) Right Click on My Computer>Properties>Advanced>Setting (Performance) >Advanced> Click Change> See the Initial Size and Maximum Size Add the Value according to your RAM try to difference between  Initial Size and Maximum Size is around 1gb and more.

2) Install XP Sp II and later upgrade it by,  and you need to install all drivers on Windows XP SP2 then yuo can upgrade it in SP3.
Above are correct on prognosis. You will need to find the correct update drivers for this card, ATI? Go to the ATI website for these.
Uninstall All ATI programs and utilites by using Revo Uninstaller in SAFE MODE, which deletes all traces of the ATI software.

Then delete all ATI files from the system32 folder which is C:\Windows\System32 that is if your OS is installed on the C Drive. Change the letter to fit the situtaion.
You can then download Drive Cleaner which deletes all the drivers you choose. go to

Use CCleaner to clean registery.
Restart PC, when wizard asks for Driverfs for new found hardware ignore.
Then install the latest softtware you downloaded from web.
Also, a good CHKDSK may be useful and always make sure you are 100% update with Windows Updates
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