how do I get streamwriter to work on server?

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I have a file that needs to be created on another server other than the one the stramwriter app is running on. I have tested the link on my local with the link to the correct server, but when I put the application in dev, I get an webunhandled acception.

any help would be much appreciated...code in snippet
strSql11 = "Select FromDate,ToDate,MeterNumber,MeterNumberSub,ConvertedMCF,ConvertedMMBTU from itpwork where FromDate>= '" & FromDate & "' and ToDate<= '" & ToDate & "' "
        cmd = New MySqlCommand(strSql11, conn)
        da = New MySqlDataAdapter(cmd)
        ds11 = New DataSet()
        'DataTable2CSV(ds11.Tables(0), "K:\saIT\ITWORK.txt")
        'Development Server
        DataTable2CSV(ds11.Tables(0), "\\\saIT\ITWORK.txt")
        'DataTable2CSV(ds11.Tables(0), "f:\inetpub\ftproot\trucktickets\ITWORK.txt")
    End Sub
    Sub DataTable2CSV(ByVal table As DataTable, ByVal filename As String)
        DataTable2CSV(Table, filename, vbTab)
    End Sub
    Sub DataTable2CSV(ByVal table As DataTable, ByVal filename As String, _
        ByVal sepChar As String)
        Dim writer As System.IO.StreamWriter = Nothing
            writer = New System.IO.StreamWriter(filename)
            ' first write a line with the columns name
            Dim sep As String = " "
            Dim builder As New System.Text.StringBuilder
            'For Each col As DataColumn In table.Columns
            'sep = sepChar
            ' then write all the rows
            For Each row As DataRow In table.Rows
                sep = ""
                builder = New System.Text.StringBuilder
                For Each col As DataColumn In table.Columns
                    sep = sepChar
            If Not writer Is Nothing Then writer.Close()
        End Try
    End Sub

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melmersSenior Software Deveolper/Architect

Are the security settings right. has the account write rights on the server and the share ?


yes, I have full access to the server and folder. It works fine on my machine with the server path, but when I put it on a server, it bombs.
melmersSenior Software Deveolper/Architect

when you do it on your machine and the webserver runs under your user it has your rights but when it runs under the webserver account it has only the rights of the instance.
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if I am trying to save the file on a network drive, would I need to do this. What would I need to save the file on the network?
melmersSenior Software Deveolper/Architect

It's the same there are no difference if you save the file on a network drive or on the network with the unc path. look at the security setting of the destination folder.
Add there the ASP.NEt USer form your network server or create a AD Group where you add the ASP.NET account of your server and then add it to the security tab of the destination folder.


I get this error when trying to copy the file from the server the app is running on to the network drive of choice.

The account used is a computer account. Use your global user account or local user account to access this server.
Senior Software Deveolper/Architect
Ok, when you have access to the server create a user who have access to the webserver and to your fileserver then create a new apppool and give him the identity of your created user.

On your website configuration set your website the new created apppool.


I found the issue. IIS NTSF wasn't set to basic.


I will award you the point. thanks for trying to help

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