Outlook.exe doesn't close when emailing from Acrobat

I have a Windows XP Client with Acrobat 8.1.3 and Outlook 2003 installed. My user will open a pdf in acrobat and click on the email link to send the pdf. She experiences intermittent results. Sometimes an email will be created with the pdf attached, most times though she gets a "The Operation Failed" message.

Further investigation has revealed:
1. "The Operation Failed" message is less likely to show up if she already has Outlook Running. It still does appear, but is sporadic and I can't get it to happen with any consistency.

2. If Outlook is not running and she clicks the email ink in Acrobat, the first time she tries to send that pdf, a new mail message will pop up with the pdf attached. Any subsequent attempt to use the Acrobat email button with this pdf or any other will generate the "The Operation Failed" error.

I've attempted the following fixes:
1. Removed Acrobat 8 and installed version 6 and 7. All acrobat versions are the standard Acrobat, not professional. The problem persisted across all three versions.
2. Uninstalled Office 2003 and resinstalled running the ork removal wizard in between to totally remove all Office components.
3. Upgraded Symantec Corporate Antivirus to Symantec Endpoint Protection.
4. Unchecked the Symantec Add-In in Outlook
5. Unchecked the Fax Server Add-In in Outlook
6. Unchecked the option to "Empty Deleted Items on Exit"

The Outlook Client is connected to an Exchange 2003 server and is not in cached mode. It can send a pdf attachment just fine if attaching the pdf through other means (paperclip or dragging the document into the body of the message, or insert -> attachment)

The user previously had a Windows 2000 machine and this worked fine on there. Since replacing her pc with XP SP3 (fully patched) this problem shown up.

If I observe the task manager while all this is going on, the outlook.exe is started by the email button in Acrobat if it is not already opened. After you close Acrobat however, that process never stops. Opening Outlook will launch a separate outlook.exe process and will function normally.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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crownpackAuthor Commented:
As a workaround, I created a batch file to kill outlook.exe as needed so my user can side step this issue.

I don't find this to be feasible in the long term and hope you can help point me in the true source of this problem.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Let's see --- I don't have exactly the same setup.

I have Outlook 2007 not 2003 (but I have done this with 2003)
I have Symantec Endpoint Protection (but I had Symantec Corporate Client Security with 2003)
And then, I now have Acrobat 9 Standard (used to have 7 standard and gave up on 8)

So, what I wanted to post is that Acrobat 9 Standard doesn't Email a Document (at least not for me). The button in V9 is Attach to Email (which is a different action), and when I do that, it reliably opens up a new message and I can send it.

So two things (a) try the Attach button and see if that works. Fairly easy to do, and may be a workaround. Then (b) consider upgrading to Acrobat V9. I found it better than V8, although this now is on a Vista Business 64-bit platform.
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crownpackAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply.

The verbiage of the Mail button has changed through versions 6, 7 and 8. I don't recall what they all say. They all perform the same action of opening up a blank message with the pdf attached. And that part works the first time you try it on any of those versions.

Upgrading is not an option as I will not get approval for something like this when we have 3 versions that should work and have worked in the past on win 2000.
crownpackAuthor Commented:
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