mysqldump with multiple where conditions

I'm Trying to do a mysqldump with multiple where conditions:

mysqldump -h myhost --user=myuser --password=mypass --no-create-info --opt where="sDate<2007-10-10 OR cDate>2008-09-30 OR pDate<2008-10-10" MyDB ProposedTo |sed -e \"s|INSERT INTO|REPLACE INTO|\" 2>&1 > proposeto-replace.sql
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Julian ParkerSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
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SaltyDawgAuthor Commented:
So you saying this should be correct?
UmeshSenior Principal Technical Support EngineerCommented:
Pls try this..
mysqldump -hmyhost --user=myuser --password=mypass --no-create-info --opt --where="sDate < \"2007-10-10\" OR cDate > \"2008-09-30\" OR pDate  < \"2008-10-10\"" MyDB --tables ProposedTo |sed -e \"s|INSERT INTO|REPLACE INTO|\" 2>&1 > proposeto_replace.sql

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Julian ParkerSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
I'm saying you've not told us what you were trying to achieve and if it was a problem.

More like a statement than a question, if you like...
SaltyDawgAuthor Commented:

I apologize but I thought it was pretty obvious.

"I'm Trying to do a mysqldump with multiple where conditions:" and  I've shown the code I used. I assumed it was understand that what I have so far is not working, because why would I post code that was already working. Trust me, and no offense, but I would not waste my time posting a question just for idle chat.
UmeshSenior Principal Technical Support EngineerCommented:
Did you check which I posted??
SaltyDawgAuthor Commented:
Yes I checked it. I think I see where my issue lies.

The posted I submitted was only a few conditions. But what I am actually looking to do is create a list of conditions into the where.

Basically I may have:

IndexNumber = 50013157000000 OR IndexNumber = 50013171000000

over 100 times.

I was retrieving a list of indexnumbers then creating the where condition based on it.

I actually have something like this:

mysqldump -h myhost --user=mypass --password=mypass --no-create-info --opt --where="IndexNumber='50013157000000' OR IndexNumber='50013171000000' OR IndexNumber='50013169000000' OR IndexNumber='50008262040000' OR IndexNumber='50010968010200' OR IndexNumber='50013013000000' OR IndexNumber='50012269010000' OR IndexNumber='50012265010000' OR IndexNumber='50012925010000' OR IndexNumber='50013140000100' OR IndexNumber='50012994010000' OR IndexNumber='50013097030000' OR IndexNumber='50012630000100' OR IndexNumber='50013159000000' OR IndexNumber='50009794000001' OR IndexNumber='50013097020000' OR IndexNumber='50006328020001' OR IndexNumber='50013153010000' OR IndexNumber='50009668060000' OR IndexNumber='50011104010000' OR IndexNumber='50008521050000' OR IndexNumber='50012919000000' OR IndexNumber='50012939000000' OR IndexNumber='50013162000000' OR IndexNumber='50013165000000' OR IndexNumber='50012938000000' OR IndexNumber='50013106000000' OR IndexNumber='50013119000000' OR IndexNumber='50012616010000' OR IndexNumber='50012023030000' OR IndexNumber='50013149000000' OR IndexNumber='50007324020000' OR IndexNumber='50012705000002' OR IndexNumber='50011718000004' OR IndexNumber='50005495030001' OR IndexNumber='50013144000000' OR IndexNumber='50002722110000' OR IndexNumber='50009062020000' OR IndexNumber='50013181000000' OR IndexNumber='50009805010000' OR IndexNumber='50011772010000' OR IndexNumber='50013183000000' OR IndexNumber='50013182000000' OR IndexNumber='50000997011600' OR IndexNumber='50009796040100' OR IndexNumber='50010041160000' OR IndexNumber='50009614030000' OR IndexNumber='50010533000001' OR IndexNumber='50009614040000' OR IndexNumber='50008836020000' OR IndexNumber='50012850020000' OR IndexNumber='50008057000100' OR IndexNumber='50013121000000' OR IndexNumber='50011951020100' OR IndexNumber='50010250030000' OR IndexNumber='50013142000000' OR IndexNumber='50012960010000' OR IndexNumber='50012957000000' OR IndexNumber='50012070010000' OR IndexNumber='50013145000000' OR IndexNumber='50013145010000' OR IndexNumber='50012961000000' OR IndexNumber='50013047000000' OR IndexNumber='50005086040200' OR IndexNumber='50013175000000' OR IndexNumber='50002093070100' OR IndexNumber='50007776090000' OR IndexNumber='50013179000000' OR IndexNumber='50013173000000' OR IndexNumber='50013154000000' OR IndexNumber='50009795010400' OR IndexNumber='50009319010000' OR IndexNumber='50012850030000' OR IndexNumber='50013118000000' OR IndexNumber='50013122000000' OR IndexNumber='50004968010000' OR IndexNumber='50009302020000' OR IndexNumber='50013137000000' OR IndexNumber='50013136000000' OR IndexNumber='50013141000000' OR IndexNumber='50008637050000' OR IndexNumber='50011421010000' OR IndexNumber='50013146000000' OR IndexNumber='50013148000000' OR IndexNumber='50013152000000' OR IndexNumber='50011663020000' OR IndexNumber='50003777030000' OR IndexNumber='50003259060000' OR IndexNumber='50012967000000' OR IndexNumber='50003259030100' OR IndexNumber='50003146000001' OR IndexNumber='50012964000100' OR IndexNumber='50013184000000' OR IndexNumber='50012942000000' OR IndexNumber='50011639010000' OR IndexNumber='50013178000000' OR IndexNumber='50006418040001' OR IndexNumber='50012917000000' OR IndexNumber='50012030020000' OR IndexNumber='50012885010000' OR IndexNumber='50013158000000' OR IndexNumber='50013153000000' OR IndexNumber='50010423010000' OR IndexNumber='50003090020000' OR IndexNumber='50013185000000' OR IndexNumber='50012030030000' OR IndexNumber='50013186000000' OR IndexNumber='50013111010000' OR IndexNumber='50012260010000' OR IndexNumber='50013187000000' OR IndexNumber='50001371000001' OR IndexNumber='50012806010000' OR IndexNumber='50005086040300' OR IndexNumber='50013187010000' OR IndexNumber='50012948000000' OR IndexNumber='50013021020000' OR IndexNumber='50012793000001' OR IndexNumber='50010986040000' OR IndexNumber='50011451070000' OR IndexNumber='50003440110000' OR IndexNumber='50012951000000'" myDB ProposedTo |sed -e "s|INSERT INTO|REPLACE INTO|" 2>&1 > proposedto-replace.sql;

When I ran it I got:

msqldump: Error in field count fot table: 'ProposedTo ! Aborting.

So that made me think the issue has to do with the where clause having a limitation of how many conditions it could have. Is there a Limit? If so would breaking it down to multiple mysqldump statements be best?
UmeshSenior Principal Technical Support EngineerCommented:
This is really strange error for me.. Did you see any error code in that?

Can you give a try for this.??

In your where condition instead of OR OR...

IndexNumber IN (50013157000000, etc etc)

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UmeshSenior Principal Technical Support EngineerCommented:
Did you try the one I suggested in above comment??
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