Quickbooks Premier 2006: Getting long item descriptions to wrap onto another page

I've noticed a long standing issue - on invoices, I have an item -a block of text that I include on all invoices.  too many times, I'll have a few lines of items and then I add that block of text.  quickbooks doesn't wrap that block of text from page 1 to page 2.  it puts it on page 2 only.

and page 2 has the tax and total.  people sometimes pay that amount for the single item on the first page (intentionally or accidentally) and then we have to hound them for the sales tax that only shows up on page 2.

if an item's text is SOOO long that it's more than 1 page, then it does wrap.  I can't pad the text to make it longer cause then the 2nd page will have no item description, but will have the price.  that will make it even worse!


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scrathcyboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In case no one else responds, I don't think you are going to solve this issue without emailing Intuit support and ask them the same question.  Even then, I doubt they will have a fix, but good luck with it.  I think the issue is that they never tested the software for VERY long descriptions.  The item is supposed to be short, and any long descriptions kept in the memo fields.  YOu can try adding <BR> where you want a line break, but I don't think QB will parse HTML codes.
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