Need to create projects that will add value to IT without cost.

I know this is an odd question.  With the economy in its current state, my company has cut funding for everything IT.  I would like to get some projects started that will keap me involved, I don't want to seem like I am not doing anything.  I am a  Junior Network Admin.  with the following:
2 t1's
Firewall - Netscreen 5gt
Exchange 2003 (3 servers) 1USA 1UK 1Germany
MS Server 2003
I would also like to start a project within this environment that will help my resume in case they do need to make further cuts.
I appreciate your input.
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yea this was a odd question ;)

hard to say what that project would be with just so few lines of info about your company but;

Exchange have some nice features that non-IT personel enjoys like Outlook Web Access, Outlook Mobile Access and Active Sync. Dunno if you have already have it implemented.

Also check out They have alot of "add-ons" for everything (that has to do with MS products)

Maybe crash your FW. Then they see the the what an important role the IT-staff have... Was a joke! :)

You might want to look into finding something that can advance the technology in your office, while at the same time saving them money in the near or long term.  Some things to look at are trying to automate work that was normally done hands-on.  Another good one might be to look at VOIP, which can save money.  Since you have remote offices, working on connectivity between the three with phones, video, or collaboration might also drum up some projects.

Hope this helps.
Joseph DalyCommented:
Well a few things come to mind to me that you could do that will make it look like you are adding valule.

1. You could do a security assessment on your AD, file shares, accounts etc. Find and documents who has access to what and where. Track down inactive/expired acocunts and remove them. Use your imagination here. Management loves to see that their information is safe/secure. Just think of TJ MAXX & Hannafords data breachs. Im not sure if your public or not but there is also the SOX, HIPAA, etc acts that deal with security.

2. You could begin a proof of concept of server virtualization using VMware server. This is a free VM console that you can use to run virtual machines. If it were to pan out you would probably want to go with VMware ESX but this will be a good project to show system redundancy, disaster recovery, or set up a lab for your other IT memebers.

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other things you can do to save $ for your company are:
1) Revisit the support cost. Support cost such as for Microsoft, Backup software vendors etc. May be some of them can be eliminated as most of them you can rely on site such as this.
2) Revisit the administrative overhead such as server data size as well as mail sizes. Do a search and see what junks(exe, pst, nsf, bkf, wmv, avi, etc) are taken out space and how much space you can free up and save time of backup and $ on tapes etc.
3) Revisit your helpdesk support that cover both US and Germany, the duaration the current support has in place and how you can extended or shorten it with respect to cost and resources. You may want to set policy on Laptop/workstation and standardize them all to reduce daily call moving forward....
Learn some programming, I recently picked up a Visual Quickpro Guide on PHP and MySQL and see about working on a company website or intra-website that you can design so HR can post jobs and each of the departments have their own notifications page or blog or design it to do something more specific to your company.
runsysrunAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input.  I know it was unusual, but it is very important none the less.  I will be using some ideas from each of the suggestions  to formulate some projects.  Thanks again.
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