Cannot remove Additional Outlook 2003 Mailbox's added to primary account

I cannot remove additional mailboxes-MS Outlook 2003.  As the IT support staff, I added two additional users mailboxes to my outlook for troubleshooting. Mailboxes were added thru the tools menu/ email accounts/add additional mailboxes.  (Normal routine)  I then went back in thru Tools menu/ email accounts/change existing email accounts/select accounts and remove.  They are still showing in my "All Mail Folders"  I re-added these two mailboxes and ended up with duplicates or two mailboxes for each users vs one.  Which Outlook did let me go back in an remove, however I still left with the two users mailboxes showing.  I right click to remove the mailboxes and there is a redX showing and the message comes guiding me to remove it thru the tools menu.  I Cannot because the Mailboxes are not showing under Advanced Tab - Open these additional mailboxes. (it is empty)
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Joseph DalyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could always kill and recreate your outlook profile to remove them.
have you tried


"c:\program files\microsoft office...\outlook.exe" /cleanprofile
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try going to the Mail icon in Control Panel and seeing if there are unwanted profiles to be removed first.
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