Selective Restore using Windows Easy Transfer

I have used the Windows Easy Transfer to backup my old pc before moving to a new one.

This was not my primary backup.  I also copied all the data onto a 2nd Hard Drive.  After setting up my computer I copied the data using the primary backup (i.e. Hard Drive copy)

But I am missing a couple of files and folders.  So, is it possible to use Windows Easty Transfer to selectively restore some settings and not everything???

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LeeTutorConnect With a Mentor retiredCommented:
As I say, I haven't tried Easy Transfer, so I cannot verify that the option for Custom transfer is there.  And my old computer isn't even connected up any more, and there is no room for me to do it and try.  But, as to why you weren't offered the option:

Well, that is a pretty old article, which MAY have been written for a beta version of Windows Vista...  Did you check that all the other screens are as shown in the article?   What type of transfer did you do:  over the network, a USB pc-to-pc cable, or removable media?
I never used Windows Easy Transfer, so I cannot say for sure, but the following article is quite complete in its description of the steps, and has lots of screenshots.  My guess is that you chose to transfer everything, in the screenshot for figure 16, and it seems then when you go to the Vista computer, there is no way of choosing what to restore from that.  But if you chose Custom in the step depicted by figure 16, then you should be able to specify exactly what to transfer.
amacfarl, any feedback?
amacfarlAuthor Commented:
I have tried that and for some reason it does not provide me with that option.  Very strange!  Any other ideas?  I have also looked at creating a new user and looking to restore all the info into that user.  But the problem with that is that it will also copy some settings and files for all users.

Other than restoring onto a clean laptop - I have run out of ideas
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