Graph pulling LTD data while report is "Next30Days"

I have a report that I have Group Selection setup to pull cases for the Next30Days. We have different CaseTypes and we want to show a GroupTotal based on Case Types for the same 30 day period or whatever date parameter we are pulling from. I've added the graph to the report and it is pulling all cases for LTD. I've put the SQL query from Crystal below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
SELECT "tblCases"."CaseDate", "tblCases"."NumberCases", "tblCustomers"."CustomerName", "tblCustomers"."ShippingCity", "tblCustomers"."ShippingState", "tblCases"."CaseStatus", "tblDoctors"."FirstName", "tblDoctors"."LastName", "tblCaseTypes"."CaseTypeName", "tblCases"."Notes"
 FROM   (("ATR0605_003LIVE"."dbo"."tblCases" "tblCases" INNER JOIN "ATR0605_003LIVE"."dbo"."tblDoctors" "tblDoctors" ON "tblCases"."Doctorid"="tblDoctors"."DoctorID") INNER JOIN "ATR0605_003LIVE"."dbo"."tblCustomers" "tblCustomers" ON "tblCases"."CustomerID"="tblCustomers"."Customerid") INNER JOIN "ATR0605_003LIVE"."dbo"."tblCaseTypes" "tblCaseTypes" ON "tblCases"."CaseTypeID"="tblCaseTypes"."CaseTypeID"
 ORDER BY "tblCaseTypes"."CaseTypeName"

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What is LTD?

Where is your graph.  

dsabineAuthor Commented:
Life to Date......but I've just figured it out. Report was pulling all cases and then had a Group on Cases - Next30Days. I setup a date parameter to pull between two dates and now it is reporting correctly.

Great.  Click the DELETE QUESTION link in the question box and follow the prompts to accept your last comment as the solutiion.

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