Problem backing up mailbox greater than 2 GB through ExMerge

I have downloaded and copied ExMerge to the Program Files\Exchsrv\bin folder and given permissions (Send As and Receive As) required to run ExMerge. But when I run ExMerge every time it backs up mailbox upto 2 GB for mailboxes greater than 2 GB in size and then it stops. It does fine for smaller mailboxes. How could I resolve this issue or is there any other tool that  can use to resolve this issue.
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PST files have a hard limit of 2Gb imposed by Microsoft.

You can tell exmerge to export data between two dates to reduce the amount of mail being exported, but this means you will have more than one PST per mailbox over 2Gb
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
PST Files that ExMerge USE are 2GB hard limits.  Since 2003 version of Outlook, Outlook uses Unicode in the PST files and they can now go FAR beyond the 2 GB limit.  Unfortunately, this does not help in this case because Exmerge will not use Unicode formatted PST files.  Further, once the PST file is created, you cannot change it's type - so don't expect to use a ANSI based ExMerge or Pre-Outlook 2003 PST file in Outlook 2003 or 2007 and be able to go beyond the limit... it will corrupt the file.

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Jerry SolomonNetwork  AdministratorCommented:
The answer to this problem is to use a client computer to create the PST file.  As was mentioned above Outlook 2003 or later can create a pst larger than 2GB with no problems.  From the client computer, click file--export to create a PST of the entire mailbox.  Save it directly to the client C drive, or anywhere alse outside fo the user's profile. Then you can File--import it back in at the client once you are all set up on the new domain. I always cover my bases and do this even when using EXMERGE--its and extra layer of protection against being the bad guy with an email did not export properly.
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anas_elkhaniAuthor Commented:
i'm trying to automate the whole process and schedule a batch file that will do it daily.
Jerry SolomonNetwork  AdministratorCommented:
Why not just use a program like Symantec BackupExec, which allows you to restore single mailbox items instead of fighting with a tool never meant for this application?

There is a workaround to back up larger mailboxes with exmerge:

You can extract the mailbox into two or more PSTs based on the date. With the utility, you can click Options--Data Selection Criteria dialog box, and select the Dates tab. From there, you can extract the mailbox contents to a PST file based on message dates.

Now scripting that could be a challenge.

Jerry SolomonNetwork  AdministratorCommented:
To approach scripting something like this, manually run Exmerge from the gui as I stated above, then look at the exmerge.ini and the mailboxes.txt files it created to see if they have what you need in them to save those, and then script it from there.

good luck!!
Jerry SolomonNetwork  AdministratorCommented:
I'm guessing you been reading up on automating brick-level backups of Exchange on Petri:
If not, this will help you aout quite a bit.

Jerry SolomonNetwork  AdministratorCommented:
There is a program called BackupAssist with the exchange add-on will perform this function on an automated schedule.
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