Can anyone point me in the direction of all of the US Ip ranges?

I need to filter traffic based on country. I am looking for a list of all US ip space (or worst case) a list of all the ARIN coverage area. Can anyone point me to this information?

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richardsimnettAuthor Commented:
quick question. What does the status LEGACY mean exactly? The rest of it I get.
richardsimnettAuthor Commented:
NM just noticed the key at the bottom.

LEGACY: allocated by the central Internet Registry (IR) prior to the Regional Internet Registries  (RIRs). This address space is now administered by individual RIRs as noted, including maintenance of WHOIS Directory and reverse DNS records. Assignments from these blocks are distributed globally  on a regional basis.

For example:the first one listed means General Electric owned that block prior to ARIN getting involved and may use the block for their own global network.  So the IP block is assigned to ARIN to manage, but the range may be used globally by that compny or group.
richardsimnettAuthor Commented:
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