Outlook 2007 slow to open.

I have a user that is convinced that the database housing her mailbox is corrupt because when she goes to start Outlook 2007 it gives her a white screen for a while before it finally comes up.  I opne her account using an Outlook 2003 client and it comes up just fine.  We then moved her mailbox to another database and both clients worked fine.  Then we moved it back where it came from and everythign went back to the way it was, the 2007 was slow and the 2003 was fast.  Also, OWA does not show any signs of being slow no matter the database.  We have Windows Desktop Search installed and the indexing was running but is now stopped.  Also, when the 2007 is slow it is slow for that user no matter what desktop she logs into.  I am looking for trouble shooting tips.
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Hello L_P_Loudan,

Outlook 2007 runs slow on Windows XP. It is optimize for Vista.

Outlook 2007 Large OST Performance Issue

Here are other reasons and some fixes for Outlook 2007 running slow

Hope this helps!
L_P_LoudanAuthor Commented:
I reveiwed the info that you sent me.  
1. I should have mentioned that we do not run in cache mode.
2.  Even in safe mode it comes up to hte white screen and freezes for a little while.
3.  We tried disabling all add-ons, with no luck.
Is it possible that other clients are configured using cached mode and 2007 on her machine is not?

What's the size of her mailbox?  Is it more than 2GB?
 Does she have any .pst files associated with the Outlook 2007 account that aren't being opened in other clients?
Does she have any add-ins?  
Maybe there's a problem with a large .pst file loading?  
Does she have a roaming profile?  If so, her Outlook profile will be copied between machines so it won't matter if you try 2007 on other computers.

It might be worth a shot to try loading her mailbox on 2007 in another users profile (i.e. create a new Outlook profile using your windows profile on your machine).

Here's a document that may help: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc742569.aspx as well, but it's really more for if Outlook fails to start.

Good Luck!
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Hehe... you updated as I was writing...

Try creating a new profile on your machine set to her mailbox and see how that works.  That way you can eliminate both the Outlook and Windows profiles as culprits.

L_P_LoudanAuthor Commented:
OK, her mailbox is not over 2GB.
I tried creating the new profile on my desktop and it is still slow while mine is fast.
Awesome... you just eliminated the client as the problem.

When you say you moved her mailbox to another database, was that on another server?  
If so, check for delay time on the server you're hosting her mailbox on.

In addition, take a look at this for repairing the mailbox database: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa998249.aspx
L_P_LoudanAuthor Commented:
I understand that it seems like it is the database.  But, why would outlook 2003 versions and OWA work fine if in fact it was the database.
To answer your question, we moved it to another database on the same server.  It worked fine, we then moved it back and the problem came back.  that is what is throwing us off.
I agree.. that is odd...  however, if it was a 2007 problem everyone in that database should be having the issue, not just her, and I'm assuming that's not the case.

There's another way to see if it is the database without going through the pain of repair.  

You can copy her mailbox into a .pst file and then import it into a new exchange mailbox.

Let me know what you find... very interesting.
What is the difference between the two mailbox databases?

Are they on the same server?
Are they approx the same size?
Are they on the same physical disks?
Are there approx the same number of clients connecting?
Do they have the same deleted items and deleted mailbox retention periods?
p.s.  what is the impact of leaving the user on the seemingly faster database?
L_P_LoudanAuthor Commented:
The two datastores or on the same server.
they are about the same size.
they are both on the same san.
and yes about the same number of clients.

I can leave them on the other datastore but my fear is that it is something on the client causing this and moving them to another store will just delay this until the problem comes back again.
L_P_LoudanAuthor Commented:
OK here is the latesst that I have tried.  this was all done last night.
1. Restarted teh server - no change
2. Installed Update Rollup4 for SP 1 and then restarted again. - no luck
3. Took one of the stores and did the following.
   a. Dismounted it
   b. Ran Eseutil /p - no errors
   c. Ran Eseutil /d
   d. Ran Isinteg - all tests - no errors
   e. Mounted the store back up    - No change
4. Moved some of the users that had complained to stores where people had not complained.
     of the 6 users that I moved only one of them saw improvement.

We are now talking about creating all new stores but that will take a while.

Does anyone know of a way to get Outlook to log its startup process so we can see where it is hanging up.  if I had that data I would be very happy as I am afraid that we are going down the wrong road right now.
L_P_LoudanAuthor Commented:
Well it seems that the problem was with public folders.  Never would have guessed that.  It seems that someone turned off one of the old exchange 2003 servers because they thought it was not longer in use.  Come to find out it still had public fodler replication running on it and some clients were trying to access it during startup.  I have since removed all replication from it and will power it back off tomorrow to test.

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