Call Manager can suddenly not force reset or restart of any Cisco IP phones.

I have an office with a Cisco Call Manager Pub and Sub on version 6.1.2. While everything was working fine last week, suddenly I can now no longer make changes to lines on a phone or force a reset or restart of any phone while in Call Manager configuration.

Additionally, soft reset and hard reset of a phone doesn't pull any changed configuration. The net effect is that I now can't add any new phones, nor change the configuarion on any existing phone.

It's the middle of the work day, so I can try to schedule a reboot of the Pub and Sub later this evening, but I'm hoping someone here has seen this before and can recommend a simpler action.

Call Manager Publisher and Subscriber are both the Linux flavor, and both on version 6.1.2. All phones are the same standard 7961 model, nothing fancy. I've done no recent upgrades or firmware additions. DHCP
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I would check your services in the Admin client and make sure all are running. Call manager service may be running but something needed for phone control isn't.
skpruettAuthor Commented:
Everything appears to be running, but the problem continues. Restarting TFTP service did not appear to affect the issue. What other services are related to the actual push of a configuration to a phone?
The tftp server really should be it. Reseting the phone should be in the call manager service itself which of course you don't want to restart during production hours.
 Honestly as weird as the problems your having I'm going to guess a reboot is going to fix it all.

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skpruettAuthor Commented:
I'll schedule one for this evening and update tomorrow am. I much appreciate the help bkepford.
skpruettAuthor Commented:
Bkepford, Instead of a full reboot, I started with your suggestion, restarting the call manager service. It worked like a champ. Many thanks for the help!

skpruettAuthor Commented:
After restarting the TFTP service on both the Call Manager Publisher and Subscriber, I scheduled a non-production time restart of the Call Manager service as suggested. This cleared the problem.
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