Correct Terminal Services roaming profiles configuration?

I have entered an organization with a Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 farm consisting of 10 servers.  The clients are approx 90% Wyse Thin client terminals running Windows CE ver.5.  Roaming profiles have been specified under the PROFILE tab within AD (NOT under the Terminal Services Profile tab).  Should the 'roaming' action still work properly if only configured under this tab?  I am finding inconsistent results when testing (ex. printers are not holding, etc.)  I understand that the  Terminal Services Profile tab should have been used but was configured prior to my employment.  I am simply interested to know if it is 'broken' by design, if configured as it currently is (only specified under the PROFILE tab within AD)

thanks for your insight!
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hodgeyohnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
it should work either way.  i tend to use a group policy to point to the profile path.
depending on how your printer policies are setup in citrix, the profile may not be signifigant.
I agree group policy is easiest way to do this.  That way you set it for all users at same time and never have to modify.
davisAuthor Commented:
I have since tested and found it, in fact, it does work 'either way'.  My issues must be rooted in other areas.  However, I plan to convert all the paths for the Wyse clients from the 'profile' path to the 'terminal servies' path.  This will lend itself to following MS best practices and keep things simple.  Thank you for the great articles - I am looking into running the hybrid profile but need to do more research before rolling into production
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