Access is Denied to network share on one computer for one user

I have a client running SBS2003 with Windows XP clients.  One of the users is having a problem from one computer connecting to some network shares on the SBS server.  This user is also able to access network shares from the problem computer that have permissions for domain users, but not shares that are set for specific security groups which this user belongs to.  The user is able to log into another computer and access the shares with no problem.
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bbrunningConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the profile is corrupt, you have to recreate it. The best way to copy everything over is to rename the profile in documents and settings to <profilename>.bak
Then log back in with the user and have it recreate the profile. Then log back out and back in as administrator. Now, copy everything from the old profile (minus ntuser.dat, ntuser.dat.log and ntuser.ini) back into the newly created profile and everything should go back to normal and act like the original profile.
Can another user under the same security group login with the problem computer and access the shares? If so I would look at a possible corrupted profile for that user on that computer. If they cannot however try checking if the computer was setup in a specific security group that may be blocking those shares.
NGPSoft1Author Commented:
So I created a copy of the user and the copy works just fine on the problem computer.  So that does point to a profile problem.  Does anyone have any ideas for fixing thsi without deleting the local profile?  
NGPSoft1Author Commented:
We have decided to rebuild the computer due to other problems.  I am pretty sure that recreating the profile would have fixed this particluar issue.
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