Restrict Internet Explorer to only one window, one tab

I am a computer lab administrator at a university.  In our lab, students sometimes take exams on the computers using Internet Explorer 7.  We want to prevent students from opening up multiple Internet Explorer windows or tabs (via CTRL+N, CTRL+T, File->New Window, Right Click->Open in New Window, etc, etc).

Is it possible to force Internet Explorer to run in only one window, with only one tab?
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IE has a kiosk mode, but I think they may still be able to use some of those shortcuts.

If the exams aren't IE dependent, Opera has a pretty good kiosk mode and lots of command-line options to lock it down.

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bkbaker6999--You can restrict IE to only one site, which could be an internal home page or any one external website.
or see sponger's post here
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