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We have an assistant that manages two VPs. The user is delegated to view and manage both VPs calendars. The assistant has no issues creating and viewing and modifying one of the VPs calendars but the other one produces an error when trying to open any item.

Cannot open this item. Cannot open free/busy information. You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation on this object. See the folder contact or your system administrator.

The assistant can see the items it just when they try and open them for this one VP. Also she cant create any meetings within the calendar.
I have tested this by creating another new user and added them as a delegate to the VP and it works fine I can see the calendar items and modify them. I can also add the assistant as a delegate to the test user and they can see the test users calendar without issue.

The VP did have this issue before but it has since been fixed and the assistant has been removed and added back with no luck. I have also checked the VPs and the assistants mailbox and AD permissions and cant find anything that stands out.

I am thinking the issue is with the assistants mailbox or account since I can add other users to the VPs account and it works without issue. Also the test account was copied from the assistants account to make sure group membership was the same.
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JoeZ7Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Just to let everyone know this issue was fixed by recreating the users mailbox. Looks like there was an issue with the mailbox itself.

Thanks for the help.
JoeZ7Author Commented:
Just an update this issue only happens with Outlook 2007!
Hallo Joe!

This seems to be an issue with the delegates Outlook 2007 Mailbox Profile on the machine from where he tries to access both the calendars.
Have you tried recreating the delegate's Outlook profile in Outlook 2007 after when the issue with your VP was fixed? If not then you should do that but before that try to launch your delegate's Outlook using the following command line switch:

Outlook /cleanprofile
Outlook /cleanfreebusy

Refer the below link for more details:

Also, if the above does not work then re-create the delegates Outlook profile. Perform the steps mentioned in the following link to do so:

Once when the profile is recreated, the delegate will simply need to add the calendars again and then try to modify her VPs calendars.

Let us know is this doesn't work.

JoeZ7Author Commented:
Hello Ashwynr,

Thanks for the information on my issue but I have used a new computer and created a profile for each user and the same issue appears.

I also created a new "test user" and delegated out the test users calender and it works fine to the assistant and it works. I have also added the test user as a delegate to the VP and that works. The issue seems to be with the VP and assistant and only on Outlook 2007 since it works fine on Outlook 2003.

Could you try to grant the delegate access to the VP's mailbox from the Active Directory. Grant him Read & Full mailbox rights.
Also, grant him Send As rights in the Security tab of the AD account of VP.

In case if this delegate already has got permissions the you could remove those permissions and apply the changes made & then grant the permissions back.
Is that VP accessing his Outlook in 'Cached' mode?
This could also be an issue with the delegates AD account SID conflict with the one of the VP.

Hope this helps.

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