Missing Explorer.exe

Missing desktop icons and taskbar from server desktop
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bnixon55126Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Shell hardware service was disabled., resolved.  Thank you everyone
First of all, In the future I would reccommend you add more information to such questions, however try the following;

Malware Scan (malware bytes')
System Restore
Re-create the profile

Try opening the task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+delete and select task manager. From there select file>run. In the run box type 'explorer' and hit ok.
This should hopefully launch the explorer program for you. Good luck.
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Explorer.exe is running if you bypass the blue splash screen and you see your desktop wall paper and the taskbar.

I assume you are missing the Internet explorer Icon.

Right click on the start button and select properties. Select the "classic view" radio button. Then, Internet exporer Icon should appear. If you wish to use the latest view, you can right click on the desktop>>select the desktop tab>>select the customize button and enable the internet exporer Icon on the desktop.

1.Try to login with different user account and see if the same issue happens, if not your user profile may be corrupted.

2.Go to Start run,sfc /scannow ,insert cd and this should fix / replace all corrupted files and after that you could run windows update.
Just to chime in on something unmentioned... the taskbar can be moved to different edges of the screen or  "minimized" (not quite) altogether.

Moved by dragging the taskbar to different screen edges.  "Minimized" by going to the inner (towards the desktop) edge so you get the double arrow and drag it to the edge of the screen.  It you move your mouse pointer to a screen edge and see the double arrows, that is where it is, click when it is the double arrows and drag inwards to reveal the taskbar.

Hopefully that was all it was for you.  Good luck.
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