Setting up MDaemon to receive emails

I am having trouble setting up the mdaemon email server (trial version) to receiving emails.  I can send them out but not receive them.  I have mdaemon mail server running on a computer that is behind a firewalled router on a DSL line.  The office has a workgroup network structure not a domain.  Here is some other information:

*  We have a static IP address assigned from the telephone company.
*  Our website is hosted by a hosting service.
*  On the "Default Domain & Servers" window in MDaemon I have the following information
      - domain name - myserver.mail
      - FQDN -
      - Domain IP - 123.456.10.789 (which is the ip address of the computer that is running mdaemon)
*  I have requested that an "A" record be set up to point the FQDN "" to the IP address of  the computer running mdaemon which is "987.654.10.321" behind the firewalled router.

Can someone help?
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You need to ensure that SMTP (Port 25) Traffic, when it hits your Router, is sent to the pc that is running Mdaemon.  This can be done by looking at this website:-

Choose your Router from the list, and then select the instructions for SMTP.

The other thing you need to do is define an MX record.  The info required for the MX record is (using your dummy variables) and an arbitrary Priority variable, say 10 if no other MX records have been defined, or lower than the lowest value that's there if one or more are previously defined.

Anything else you need to do, just ask.
>define an MX record.

You do this when asking for the "A" record change.  (No doubt you'd sussed this out, but just added it for completeness)
swrightsrAuthor Commented:
Thanks again moorhouse the hosting company also has our email accounts so I would like to keep this account and have the emails forwarded or redirected to the mdaemon server.  If I set up another mx record will it affect what they have setup for us?
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Your q gave the impression you were committed to receiving mail via SMTP.  SMTP is a much better way to receive email, but of course your email server needs to be up 24/7 - that's the only practical disadvantage I can think of.

From your last comment it sounds like your host has provided you with POP boxes, in which case use DomainPOP under the Setup menu.  In here you can specify the Host's POP server address, your Username and Password to access that account.  Mail will then come in to the host from outside, Mdaemon will periodically login and pull it down.  There are many disadvantages using POP - less control over Spam, an extra link in the chain if there is a failure, dependence on the host to provide info about messages which people claim to have sent to you, but you do not receive, etc.

If you go the POP route then there is no need to alter the MX records.

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swrightsrAuthor Commented:
Thanks again Moorhouse your help has been invaluable.  Of course I cant use that feature just because it is the trial version.  Thanks anyway.
Thanks for the points.  I wasn't aware that the Trial Version was limited in the way you mentioned.  I am actually surprised by that in fact - might be worth clarifying with Altn (the company) -- try out their tech support line, see how efficient they are ;-)
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