SQL Server 2005 failover cluster vs. log shipping


I have 2 new identical servers.  One will be a production server, the other a hot spare.

I cannot do mirroring because the db's have to be in bulk-logged recovery mode which mirroring does not support.

Can someone explain failover clustering and log shipping and does anyone have experience that would lead them to a recommendation?

Do I need anything more than 2 identical servers for clustering?  The 2 machines are in different buidings and are connected by Fibre.

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chapmandewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>I read that replication is not a good form of high availability either.  
that is correct

It matters because I think ** you have to buy some specialized hardware if you're going to use them over a WAN.

Replication is a no-go for HA.
If the machines are geographically apart, it could be a problem for clustering.  For your case, you'd only need the 2 servers though.

I am not 100% sure is a good idea to do log shipping using bulk logged, but you can probably do it.
Bonnie_KAuthor Commented:
I read that replication is not a good form of high availability either.  

Why would the geographical status of the servers matter for clustering?  I don't understand clustering as I have always seen it as something over my head and over budget, but am wondering with our hardware if it is possibility.

I will look more into log shipping and bulk logged databases.

What do you think about replication?
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