how do I shut off the password push on active sync?

I had to rebuild the OWA in exchange and the active sync as well as outlook anywhere was turned on.  However, users with iPhones are now getting a password request when unlocking their phone.  I thought that I gone in and shut this off, but they are still being asked for the password.  
How do I shut this off?
I also have a user with a Treo that can't seem to get wirelss sync.  Is there anything special I have to do for a Treo?
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cmarandiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
They have to rebuild their activesync.
Have them delete the active sync profile on the phones and then re do the profile again.
khippertAuthor Commented:
This was basically the right answer.  Thye Active sync issued did reside with the device, but the active sync did not have to be rebuilt.  Wth the new OWA address, this had to be changed.  The old OWA address was being bounced to the new one.  All though this works for explorer, it will not allow the devices to function.
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