Access Database To Manage/track Software/Licenses or something

I'm looking for an access database with a nice front end that can help me track/manage software licensese.  It would preferably allow me to enter the number of licenses owned and deduct from that when I specifiy in the database that it's being installed on another machine.

I don't need it to go out and discover software just a simple nice clean looking access database.
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Jim P.Commented:
How about an inventory management DB template?

That is essentially what you want to do.
Suveer PatilQA AnalystCommented:
You can check out iList Studio 3.7
Find out more features in the following URL

As per your requirements you have do some set up procedures......

derrickonlineAuthor Commented:
I should mention this is for a Windows machine not mac.

Also I'm looking for something specific to software licensing, I don't want some web based software and I really don't want an actual applicaion unless it has a database backend or just be a custom MS access database.  
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You might like to tender on an auction site like, costs tend to be very cheap due to the number of coders from developing countries.

Otherwise make it yourself in Access, thats what its there for lol


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Jim P.Commented:
Did you look at the link I gave you? It's a template for inventory tracking from Access. Not web based. It should give you a good working base.  But short of paying, or intensive google searches, it should give you the basis to start from.
derrickonlineAuthor Commented:
I guess that' sthe problem jimpen, I'm not familiar with working with Access templates.  I had found this wonderful asset management database for access but it centered around hardware and not software.  

I wanted something similar to what I have but for software.  Something that has a nice front end for entering the data.

Thank you all for your suggestions I'm going to leave this open longer in hopes someone might drop another idea.
derrickonlineAuthor Commented:

I beg to differ. First off I'm usually pretty generous with my points, it's paid for so I have no issue giving points to the best answer even if it's not EXACTLY what I'm looking for.

In this question I had two requirements...

1.  The software be an access database.
2.  It needed to help me track and manage software licenses.

I also mentioned it didn't need to discover software or licenses and I'm running Windows.  

One gentleman give me an access template link.
One gives me an application that's used for a Mac
and one suggests I rent a coder.  

With respect to you modus, the fact that you're even posting that administrative message (which is the first time I've ever seen an admin try to strong arm me into accepting an answer that wasn't abandoned) suggests to me that someone disagreed with my last post which SIMPLY stated...

"Thank you all for your suggestions I'm going to leave this open longer in hopes someone might drop another idea".  

I think that's totally fair and I'm a bit offended at your comment.  This question hasn't been abandoned and there's a possibility someone might suggest an access database that suits my needs.  

If not, I intend to accept the best answer as I see it.  What are your thoughts?

Jim P.Commented:
We're not trying to strong-arm you into accepting an answer.

But Access templates and specifically license management inventory tracking is generally custom built for each company to fit their needs.

Our company use a combination of asset management collection SW an Access DB FE to a SQL DB and tracking purchasing.

I've asked for others to come an put in their $0.02.
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Looking at the thread, I don't think anyone was trying to do anything less than provide the best information and recommendations... Think the "flash point" was the comment about leaving it open when there seems to a push to keep things tight, clean, closed out quickly. That's all... And quite innocent... And possibly a bit "insensitive" but given the current climate makes perfect sense from this angle... and you kind of picked up on that anyway.

Can always have a look at the "consulting" zone - part of the challenge is you are very specific about "not web", "runs on access" and a few constraints that kind of suggest a more technical basis for selecting a solution rather than a business problem requiring a solution - because there are tons out there if you go looking, and that type of business question (without the techo constraints) is fairly commonplace over in the consulting zone... because it really is a "solution" you are looking for, not a tech question per se...

I think the rent-a-coder is not such a bad idea given your requirements - and know of a few very good developers if you do want to write something (some of them are even EE people, but not me, and definitely not soliciting anything).

In the meantime, if those constraints are more of a guideline than a rule, then maybe have a look at : it is free - it sounds like it will do everything (and then some) that you are looking for, only problem it is not access - but you can use sql server express, and we know that you can link to that via access.

If you want to explore those templates, then maybe following up with jimpens suggestion of using that template is an "easy" way to get started and gives you an access solution - you can always post more questions especially given your statement about being generous with points :) :)

Anyway that is my two-cents - and reading back might only be one and a half cents worth...
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Oh and just closing out that extra half cent, there is also the Microsoft answer to Software Asset Management - SAM, might not be what you are looking for, but there are a couple of handy documents and templates (excel) :  - but again that is moving away from this type of thread and more a consulting perspective - so sorry about that...
derrickonlineAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the feedback gentleman.  I see where everyone is coming from, I also understand the need to keep EE clean and I've been using EE for years sometimes under different screenames as whenever I work for a new company I get a new account after explaining to them the benefits.  Some of the reasons EE is the best is because of the cleanliness.  I still think it's a little premature to close out but since everyone feels this is the wrong area that may be the problem.

What I was looking for was IT professionals and to get an understanding of what they're doing to manage their software licenses.  I've already searched long and hard and consider myself a googling expert.  :)  But didn't find a simple access database (which is what I was leaning toward).  

I won't beat a dead horse.
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
If it is a discussion you are after, then maybe best to phrase it up - have seen some very, very good discussions - some lead by jimpen.

Our challenge is to try to work out what experience you have, and it is pretty difficult sometimes, and given your experience, might be worthwhile keeping an identity ? At the moment your profile shows you to be very much a "newbie"...

Cheers, and thanks, and look forward to a discussion down the track...

derrickonlineAuthor Commented:
Good point, I did realize everytime I create a new account I'm a newb again.  :)  I'll try to retain this account going forward.  Thanks again.
Jim P.Commented:
Thanks for the points. May all your days get brighter and brighter.
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