Allow users to submit form Via E-mail

I have created an interactive form to be e-mailed out to clients as a survey and have created a button with a "" action. When I test it Adobe gives me an error saying "You need to be running inside a web browser in order to submit this form"

A) What does that mean?

B) Is it possible to make it not do that? I want my clients to be able to submit the form while they have it open in Acrobat Reader. I know this is possible. I have done it.

Please keep in mind: I am on a Mac. LiveCycle does not exist for Macs. I have enabled usage rights and I don't know what else to do.
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Eoin OSullivanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
The mailto: tag is a HTML/Web command that requires a Web Browser to parse.  That is why the PDF needs to be loaded inside a browser.  This allows the browser to read the value and then pass it to your Mail Application.

Adobe Reader is intentionally crippled by Adobe to limit a lot of the useful form-filling/sharing functionality which they want you to pay for.

If you open the PDF in Acrobat Pro you WILL be able to use the mailto command to send the form via email ... but as far as I know in Acrobat Reader (definitely versions 8 and earlier) had this function disabled.
Genome_A_WConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well A) clearly means you need the PDF to be being viewed inside a web browser such as internet explorer, firefox or safari.

unfortunately i dont have any suggestions for b.

Do a quick test. Load the PDF in your web browser and try the link to see if it works.
LAFXSUPPLYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have a similar form but the PDF is hosted online.  I just email the link to anyone who needs the form and it will open in a browser.  Their mailbox size will thank you too!  Once it opens in a browser, they are all good for your mailto link.
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