SSL expired, Caqn we turn off security for a short time

We have Citrix Meta frame and our SSL Expired. We renewed, but it will be several hours before the SSL is active again. Users are getting an error "cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp Server, ssl error 70, the server sent an expired security certificate"

Can we turn off in Citrix the requirement that the gateway only send secure traffic so users can get in until our ssl is updates later today?
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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One option, give the Web Interface server a FQDN and use that FQDN.

Just tested it in my lab.  I was able to completely bypass the SSL stuff by going to  I got the login screen and was able to successfully login.
Carl WebsterCommented:
Sorry, that should have been XenApp not AenApp.
actConsultantAuthor Commented:
Do I need to configure anything on the Citrix server?  IF so where?
Carl WebsterCommented:
I made NO changes to any of my servers.
hodgeyohnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you are expecting users to access the system over the internet you can.

1.  assign an live internet ip address to your citrix the command is altaddr
2.  setup your web interface to use alternate addressing instead of the csg direct
3.  allow web traffic to your web interface server and ica traffic (tcp 1494) to your citrix server.

this isnt as secure, but ica traffic if fairly secure just based on its nature.
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