What are options for developers to load files from Windows servers?

I have 3 Windows 2003 servers... dev, stage, prod.
Developers have a shared folder on the server where they do their development.
The dev server has a mapped folder to stage, and stage a mapped folder to prod.
When they are ready, I have a script I use to copy from their dev shared folder, to the mapped stage folder.

My problem... how can I let developers do this themselves, without giving them full admin rights to the box?
I want them to be able to copy their stuff from dev to stage, and stage to prod, but the only way I can think of is to let them RDP into the box as a user, then give that user share access to both drives, and let them copy stuff over manually.

However, then we have the problem of RDP only let's a couple users in. Could terminal services licenses solve this and if so how? I'm not familiar with terminal services.

Or is there a better way for developers to load without having admin rights to the servers?

Thank you.
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BrianConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
You have hit one of the major problems out there for developers that stage different environments.  Microsoft had a product that helped with this but they no longer support it.  It was called Application Center.  I don't recommend using it as it is not an easy product to work with.  

I've had developers use custom scripts using Robocopy to copy data from one server to another.  This way they didn't have to have access to the server but could initiate the transfer process.  You could also just run a scheduled task with Robocopy to copy data at specified times.

Good luck and hopefully Microsoft or someone comes out with a product to help with this.

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