What is the best open source alternative to indesign

I need a reliable open source alternative to indesign.
It will need to be able to import, export and edit indesign files
Needs to run on Vista!!!
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patrick_defibaugh_chavezConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Nope, I don't think it can.  Even OpenOffice.org, which has an import filter for just about everything, can't read InDesign.
patrick_defibaugh_chavezConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The best thing I can find is Scribus:

It looks good but I think you may need more than what it can offer.  Here are some so-so reviews:
freymishAuthor Commented:
I saw that but to my knowledge it can't import export and edit indesign files can it?
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Scribus is my recommendation as well. Far more powerful publishing tool than anything in Openoffice. Probably somewhat more powerful than Microsoft Publisher, but not in league with Indesign yet.
I don't know of any DTP application other than Indesign that will allow you much flexibility with Indesign files.
There is no open source alternative to Adobe InDesign that can use the native InDesign file format.  Same goes for Quark Xpress, Aldus (now Adobe) PageMaker, Ventura Publisher, Multi-Ad Creator, et al.

Perhaps you can attack it from another angle:  What are your needs for design software?
freymishAuthor Commented:
I needed to edit a template created in Indesign seeing as there was nothing that really worked I ended up downloading a trail of Indesign and exporting the template.
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