Published ASP.NET web site - Page not found

.NET 2.0
IIS 5.0

You could say that I'm new to publishing web sites etc, so hopefully this could be just a simple solution to my question.
I built this simple site in VS2005 and it runs like a champ.  I used the publish feature and published it to my companies sites on server (IIS).  Now when I try to run default.aspx it tells me that the page cannot be found.  But if I put something like default.asp (with just "Hello World") it works great.  I'm worried that just publishing my ASP.NET site is just not that easy as it seems.
Any direction on this would be great!
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wayneburrAuthor Commented:
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wayneburrAuthor Commented:
Just another note:
I did not do anything in IIS on the server except to check to make sure that ASP.NET version 2.0 was selected for folder, and it is.
I'm seaching other places to see if I had to make any changes in IIS just to pulbish the site.  All this folders are off of the WWWROOT.
Do you install .NET Framework on your server?

This problem sometimes occur if not.
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wayneburrAuthor Commented:
In the ASP.NET tab, I have version 2.0 selected.  All the other sites on this server are running as ASP classic sites.  This site is ASP.NET and the only one on this server.
Please, check the following
1. Site is created as Web Application or Virtual Directory
2. MIME type for .aspx is added
3. You can also run aspnet_regiss -i for your server
4. Check ASPNET and IIS user rights to this file

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wayneburrAuthor Commented:
It seems there is a problem with the configuration of IIS5 on the 2000 box.  There are numerious web sites on that box and are working great.  I found another server we had that (2003 box) and in IIS6 I was able to get my site working like it should.
Thanks for the help!
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