How can i import Nokia 6100 contacts to my palm treo 500?

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i have a nokia 6100 with over 200 contacts. I am trying to move them all over to the new treo 500 handheld.

my first thing to try was to move contacts to the sim card, then put the sim card in to the treo 500 then move them off the sim to the phone, keep doing this till all contacts where present on the new palm device. But i could not find a way to take them off the sim card and on to the phone?

i setup the active sync profile, all contacts in outlook etc synced with the palm treo 500 and now all outlook contacts are in synch.

i have noticed all sim contacts will not sync with the outlook profile and only if i create a "outlook contact" on the treo 500 will it then be added in outlook on the users exchange profile.

1. is there a way to convert all the current sim contacts to outlook contacts so they all will synch and be added to the users contacts in their exchange profile? this way i can synch all the nokia contacts to the users outlook profile and this will work well.

2. is there any simple way to move contacts from the sim to the device memory on the palm 500?

3. can any one suggest another way or better way to get all contacts from the nokia 6100 to the palm treo 500?

please advise any info i can do to get these moved over.
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First you will need the Nokia CA-42 Data Cable.

Then download the free Nokia PC Suite from here:

Nokia PC Suite will allow you to get all contacts (and other data) from the phone to a PC. From there you can export the contacts and import them into the Treo via Palm Desktop Software.

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