WSUS & registering computers...

We run a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Domain here.  A few servers and a few XP Pro SP2 workstations.

I just rolled out a single WSUS server to handle updates.

The WSUS rollout went well and I have made the GP changes to point my PC's to the WSUS server rather than the microsoft site.

The thing is, my local PC's aren't showing in WSUS.  As a matter of fact, my WSUS summary screen indicates that no computers are registered yet and there's a hyper link showing me how to register computers.  I've followed the instructions and I've even rolled out WSUS servers before, but for some reason, my local computers are not registering in WSUS.

My WSUS server has pulled down the updates for me to approve so it's working that way.  I've done a gpupdate /force on a few XP machines to see if they show and they do not.

What have I missed?


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ChiefITConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The default port for WSUS is port 80. If WSUS sees another website using that port, it will choose an alternative port. By default, that port is 8530. Have you tried both ports to no avail. If so, you can try to run the WSUS client diag to see if you can find the error.

Oh, port 8530 is often blocked by firewalls and AV packages.

You can run portqry to see if you have a blockage from third party software.

From a client machine's command prompt, type:

Portqry -n -o 8530,80 -p both

Where is the ip of your WSUS server.
crp0499CEOAuthor Commented:
ok, you may be on to something.  when i did my initial WSUS install, sharepoint was on the server.  I removed sharepoint after my wsus install.  I only have the default web site left and under that is the wsus web site.

your reference to port 8530 sort of hits a nerve.   i seem to remember seeing that wsus was on that port under my default web site.

i'll check all of this in the am and thank you for the detailed response.

crp0499CEOAuthor Commented:
you were right on...
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