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joomla 1.5 question - how to set CMS to overwrite image files

this seems like it should be SO SIMPLE!  that said, i cannot find any documentation about setting the Joomla 1.5 CMS to overwrite image files (instead of just creating new file names - which it currently does).

Anyone have any Joomla experience??

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I'm not sure I understand what you are asking can you ellaborate a little.

phillystyle123Author Commented:

when uploading an image file to the server through my Joomla 1.5 CMS, if the image file already exists on the server, instead of Joomla overwriting the image file on the server, it creates a new image file name.

For example:

smith.jpg is on the server

i want to overwrite smith.jpg with a new smith.jpg.

when i upload my new smiith.jpg to the server via the CMS joomla does this:
"the file "smith.jpg" already exists on the server.  we've created a new file name: smith(1).jpg"

but then i'd have to go in and swap out smith.jpg with smith(1).jpg on all of my pages that use smith.jpg.
This sounds very much like an ownership issue as when you upload a file using Joomla ftp it will have one owner, opposed to the original image that was created during installation will have another!

Unfortunately there is only one way around this which is to contact your Host support where you have this ownership problem.

Ask them to set the ownership of all files to the same!

Did you find a solution?
I had the same issue... open /administrator/components/com_media/admin.media.php

Around line 168 find and remove this code:

if (file_exists($dest_dir.$file['name'])) {
		mosRedirect( "index2.php?option=com_media&listdir=".$_POST['dirPath'], "Upload FAILED. File already exists" );

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phillystyle123Author Commented:
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