6509 Redundancy Physical question

HI there,

Wondering if someone can help out with a 6509  redundancy question.    I have read so much information  that It has all become a blurr.

We have two 6509's   each with dual SUP2/MFSC's  side by side in our core.   They are in Hybrid mode with  8.3 (6)  software.  

What we are trying to accomplish is  to have good redundancy and failover.  

So far we have gotten both supervisors configured with  HA and redundancy in single router mode.  The config's are copying fine and  the sh mod shows that we have a standby and active sups.

What we would like to do in a maintenance window is test the failover capability and ensure that ii is working as desired.  

How does the physical connectivity work,  we were assuming that we could just criss cross the GBIC's on the Sups to ensure that no matter what the failover situation, the active sup would have a path to the other .  When we attempted this it appears as if the GBIC on the standby sup is active ?   Is this something to worry about?  

Or is an Etherchannel solution the better option. ?  

If you need any further clarification I can provide more details.


Thanks for you time

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netnorthConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ultimately the solution that we took for this was to upgrade our CAt OS to the latest, as well and memory upgrades to the SUP2's so that we could upgrade the IOS to the newest version that would support NSF/SSO.   In the process we needed to upgrade the ROMMON on both the layer 2 and 3 sides of the sups.   Overall th eexcercise was performed on our lab gear and we learned alot about the boot load process of the 6509's  
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
If you're talking about redundancy between the two 6500's, you'll need interconnections between the two switches (and yes, the ports on the standby sup's are functioning).

If you have more than one link (and they're layer 2) spanning tree will block all but one. Etherchannel may provide more usable bandwidth so that's definitely an option.

If the links are layer 3, then you'll need a routing protocol (EIGRP, OSPF, etc.) running between the two 6500's.
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