ExtremeZ-IP or MacServerIP?

We're running a Windows 2003 environment under VMWare ESX 3.5 with a mixed environment of Windows and Mac OS X clients accessing multiple 2tb NTFS shares hosted on an HP EVA4000 SAN.

Being aware that SFM is outdated, we're considering a 3rd party solution to address issues such as "illegal" filenames and to increase performance; but we're unable to decide between ExtremeZ-IP and MacServerIP.

Has anyone used either/both?

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StuFox100Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It has been a  while since I worked with these products (extensive testing in 2005) but we did a major evaluation program as we had over 8,000 users. So it is a bit dated but may be useful.
We tested both Extreme-IP and MacServerIP - Extreme-IP was by far the best in our tests, the key points were management and the file recovery.
However, after we test the MAC solutions at the same time and ended up with a XSAN.
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