cpedit.exe hogs all cpu resource (running 97%) frequently on Windows XP machine

I have a PC (Dell Optiplex GX260) running Windows XP Pro on a corporate network.  It's seems to intermittently locks the PC.  In task manager it shows cpedit.exe using 97% of the cpu resources.  Please see attached.

Also curious about the other process in the attached; wowexec.exe, stlthwr.exe and dcenter.exe

Any suggestions are appreciated
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BewareOfButtliceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ive found that McAfee lets malware get past its security defenses. Spybot is good but also misses some stuff, try using malwarebytes just to be sure. So you dont know what those programs are that are running? Try checking msconfig to see if you can disable them. If not, also use HijackThis and find those exe programs through there. Find where they are at and post the location.
sounds a bit like malware. What antivirus are you running? Try scanning your computer using MalwareBytes from www.malwarebytes.org. A quick scan is only needed. I've never heard of cpedit before, only gpedit.
TWCMILAuthor Commented:
We are running McAfee enterprise with anti-spyware.  I have run scans but found nothing.  Also used spybot search and destroy but found only minimal threat cookies.
TWCMILAuthor Commented:
I tried the trial malwarebyte and it did find a trojen & deleted it.  Hopefully that was the fix.  I'll give it a couple weeks to see if the user has any complaints.  Thanks for you inputs
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