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I have a application that is reading information from a web service and inserting this information to another database using ODBC connection.

Right now, everything works great, however, I am wondering if I can increase performance on the Insert.  I have a bunch of records that I want to add at one time or quicker than doing one insert statement per record.

Here is a snippet of my code done by a developer.  Before I change this code to use prepared statements for simplicity, I want to see if there is a faster way of doing it.  This adds 1 record for each "drawer" in a system.  there may be 800 drawers so the insert process may take 8-10 seconds...can we reduce this amount of time by doing the insert a different way?

drw_username = username
        drw_Id = drawer.Id
        drw_name = drawer.Name
        drw_cab_Id = cab_Id
        drw_cab_Name = cab_Name
        odbcText = "insert into FHDRAWER (FH_USERNAME, FH_DRAWER_ID, FH_DRAWER_NAME, FH_CABINET_ID, FH_CABINET_NAME) values ('" & _
        drw_username.ToUpper & "'," & _
        drw_Id.ToUpper & ",'" & _
        drw_name.ToUpper & "','" & _
        drw_cab_Id.ToUpper & "','" & _
        drw_cab_Name.ToUpper & "')"
        odbcCommand = New OdbcCommand(odbcText, odbcconn)
        odbcCommand.CommandTimeout = 0
        Catch ex As Exception
            sharedFunctions.Display_Message(ex.Message & odbcText)
        End Try

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Keep the connection to the database open for starters - looks like you may be doing this?

Secondly you can insert multiple records using this syntax in MS SQL. Slightly different syntax in other DBMS.
INSERT INTO[TABLE] (column1,column2)
select 'Value1','Fernando'
select 'Value2','Carlos'
select 'Value3','Vincent'

There is a limit on the length of the sql you can pass so you may have to do eg 50 drawers at a time.
Hello posae,

I would create a data adaptor to the table in your database with a Where clause that would return no data and use it to fill a DataSEt
I would then populate the DataSet with the data from the web service
Finally, I would Update the DataSet, thereby letting .NET do what it knows to do best, which will end up inserting all of your data into the database in one go.



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posaeAuthor Commented:
Although the first answer did work, this solution was the most efficient...thanks!
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