Printing poblems (empty printers list / PCL errors / PS errors)

I have 27 workstations on our domain. All printers are networked Canon and Xerox copiers, with internal RIP print servers. Two Dell GX520 workstations have very similar printing issues:
In multiple programs (MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite), printing to multiple printers we receive one of the following problems:

1. The printer list may be empty completely, requiring close of application and reopen. Sometimes requires reboot.
2. The printer errors "The print request could not be compelted because a required resource cannot be loaded."
3. MIssing and/or corrupt data is printed.

To date, we have tried removing and reinstalling the printers. We have switched from PCL5e print drivers to PS3 to UFR, and back again. We have sent the data "raw" to port 9100, and we have set it to LPR and desginated the proper queue.

The printer test page always prints fine. My other machines (95% Dell, mix of Precision and Optiplex systems) don't have any problems. Does anyone know of documented issue with GX520 print spoolers? I'm at whit's end with these two systems. All help or suggestion is appreciated. Thanks,
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds as if the spooler is corrupt somehow. Why it happened on 2 identical machines beats me though.

You could try reinstalling XP, but that may not be practical. Try running "sfc /scannow" to see it there are any problems with the operating system.
t15robertsAuthor Commented:
Rebuilt the essential windows files and used CCleaner to clean old reg settings. Reinstalled newer drivers, and so far so good.
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