can't connect to a Live Meeting

I have a user on XP Tablet edition and he is trying to connect to a remote meeting.  Every time we try on his computer it fails.  I had him send me the exact same invite and i was able to connect with no issues from my network.

I then had him disconnect from his local Ethernet connection and use his wireless. Still didn't work. I then checked the Firewall setting on his connections and they were all off.

I then updated the WiFi nic drivers and that didn't work

I had him go to another computer on the same network and try it from there.  He did this and it worked fine no issues....

They have a Linksys router so i logged into that to make sure it was not restricting anything, and it was not... and since it works on other computers behind the same router i know it is not that.

I tried uninstalling the Live Meeting client and then rebooting, and then reinstalling, and this didn't work either..

He has no other software firewall running .. i check that..

I'm just stuck. I don't know what else to do.

He is using a Toshiba tablet PC that is about two years old.
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juutsalonspaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well i finally figured it out. I happened to look in the Event Log and there was a DNS error. The app was trying to resolve a name that didn't exist. So i looked in the menu or Live Meeting and clicked on USER ACCOUNTS. He had entered his own email address in the "sign-in name" window. Once i removed this, we  were able to connect successfully....  i about fell over.

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