Create a public facing SharePoint website using Windows Server 2008 Standard edition and not be prompted for username and password to view the site

Can I create a public facing website (any one can browse to using Windows Server 2008 and its built in SharePoint Services and not get prompted to just browse the site?

i have created the website as a sub site of the "companyweb" website already built into SBS2008 and would like to publish this sub site so that to anyone can browse it. Currently when one browses to the site they are prompted for a username and password even though i have selected the allow company visitors option as the sites security group. I am very ignorant on SharePoint and this is just a charity project so Im not desperate, but I do need some step by step guidance as I have a big headache right now !

1. My goals are to create a site in Windows Server 2008 using SharePoint (built into the server) -- Done
2. Publish that site so that guests can browse it without authentication  FAILED
Thank you

Robert AdvancedideaAsked:
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zephyr_hex (Megan)Connect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
this would be handled in IIS with anonymous access...
i'm not familiar with IIS7 ... but someone here should be able to get you going in the right direction.

for instructions on how to configure sharepoint for anonymous access:

to be clear:
that link gives instructions for configuring anonymous access... one of the steps is to configure IIS for anonymous access.  these steps are assuming IIS6, and not IIS7.  i'm not sure if the steps are different for IIS7 or not.
the rest of the instructions that pertain specifically to sharepoint should be the same.
Robert AdvancedideaAuthor Commented:
Thank you I will look into these options and report back.
Robert AdvancedideaAuthor Commented:
The information Zephyr provided led me down the correct path so I am awarding him the points. Thank you for your help.
Ultimately the entire security of the Sharpeoint sites is managed in Sharepoint Service 3.0 Central Admin Pages. I was not able to set permisisons for the sharepoint site in IIS7, but using the information provided in the links I was able to peice my way through it and in the end its not to hard, but for an inexperienced sharepoint admin I really struggled. Ultimately it boiled down to fidning one more place where annonymous access had to be turned on, and then making sure I didn't turn it on for the entire "companyweb" web site.
Robert AdvancedideaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for helping, the informaiton you provided sent me down the right path!
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