Need to show full address in email not the friendly name. Exchange 2003

Exchange 2003,
Outlook 2007

We have one top level domain, with sub domains being seen as internal addresses thus Exchange changes the addressing to the friendly name as part of the the security validation.

The request is to see the full address so for example, instead of just username.

Any Ideas,  MS could not help us after paid support, so tossing this out to the Experts.

Thank you,
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ashwynrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hallo Joe!

Outlook has a limitation to display information that's available and the same applies to the version of Outlook 2007.
You cannot change the view to display the email address of the internal user instead of the display. It will always appear as how it is configured in the the "Display Name" field in the user properties of the Active Directory.
If it is an email from/to an internal user then it will show the display name as it is set in the Active Directory and if it is an email from external user and if that users contact does not exists in AD then it will simply display the email address.
Im afraid but this is still a limitation of Outlook and if Microsoft decides to become a little flexible on this then you may find such options in the later versions of it.

* However, to meet your purpose to differentiate emails coming into your mailbox with the help of their display name; you could configure all AD accounts in that particular sub domain with a standard display name format.
Eg. For Acme.EU, you could prefix/suffix their display names with something like 'AEU_FirstName' and 'AUS_FirstName'

Hope this helps

There must be some way to register all addresses as external addresses - this would give you the full address that you are looking for...
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