Help! Dell server does not boot 1 annd 3 lights blink with amber power light

I have a brand new Dell Power edge server just unboxed. I purchased it with now software on it just hardware. I have tried to boot the server and it gets throught the post and them just shuts off. When it does that the 1 and 3 diagnoistic lights blink along with an amber power light. After talking to Dell we have replaced the power supply, motherboard and raid card, but still the server does the same thing. Please HELP!!!!
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emetherdConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
As of last night Dell is sending me a new server hopefully the new one will have better luck!
sadburgerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If this is a brand new server it will have factory warranty for sure. If it is having this many problems, I would call dell back and send them back the server and get it replaced straight up.
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