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Hi,  I am trying to figure out how many licenses I have available for clients to connect in to my terminal server. This Terminal server is running Windows Server 2000 SP4.  I have attached a screen shot of the the Terminal Server licensing on our SBS Server.  

Thanks for you help!
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willettmeisterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
They woudl fall under the unlimited because XP in newer than 2000 so the license included with xp pro would be able to be used for that also.
You have 4 licenses available.  The thing to remember is that every copy of windows that 2000 and on that you buy has a TS license included with it that will allow you to connect to a server without using a license as long as it is the same version of windows as the client.  For example a windows 2000 pro workstation can connect to a windows 2000 ts without using a license.  That is why the existing windows 2000 Server Unlimited is there from my understanding to track how many licenses you are giving out that way from what I understand.  
ITPro44Author Commented:
Hey willettmeister, thanks for your response.  I guess I'm a little confused still.  When I double click the existing windows 2000 server it shows a ton of different computer names that have been issed a license.  There is only 1 computer that has been issued a license under the two other licensing modes.


1.  If everyone who is connecting to the Windows 2000 Terminal Server is using windows xp pro, will they use up 1 of the 5 total licenses that is under "Windows 2000 SWrever - Terminal... " or will they fall underneath the unlimited?  It appears as of now they have fallen underneath the unlimited, but I really don't know.

2. When is the Windows 2000 Server - Terminal Services CAL Token(per device) used?

3. When is the Temporary Licesnese for Windows 2000 Server used?

ITPro44Author Commented:
Ahh, alright.  Thanks for your help!!!
ITPro44Author Commented:
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