Can I use multiple API's to write to the same SQL Server database simultaneously?

I am a bookseller and I use an API to gather data on books (title, price, etc.) from, a division of EBay. Although EBay has given me permission to make 1.5 million requests per day, the API is only capable of processing 15-20,000 requests a day. I have talked to EBay tech support and they are telling me the call I am using is the only one available for my purposes and there really is no way to increase the speed. However, they did tell me I can run multiple instances of the same API providing my "database and hardware can support it". Right now the API will get data from one book at a time and write the data to a SQL Server database. My question is would I be able to run multiple intances and write to the same database simultaneously? If not, would I be able to write to multiple databases simultaneously and then combine the data later?
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Connect With a Mentor Billing EngineerCommented:
> and write to the same database simultaneously?
yes, that is perfectly possible.
bpfsrAuthor Commented:
Is there anything special I need to do or do I just run the API's? One of the reason I ask is because when if I start the API and I have SQL Server Management Studio open, the API won't run and I get an error message along the lines of "database is not available". That is what made me think maybe you can only have one "stream" open to a database at a time...
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