Java Beans, JSP and Access 2003 problem

I have problem with Access 2003 and Servlets

I have two beans:

MessageListBean and Message Bean;

A PageHandler class and a JSP page.

There are records in the tables message and actor and on the Single message page where I get just specific message record it works fine (SELECT * FROM message WHERE messageId=1).
When I try to get all records from the message table and to list them on the JSP page, nothing is returned.
No error messages.
public class MessageListBean {
    private ArrayList messages;
    /** Creates a new instance of MessageListBean */
    public MessageListBean() {
        messages = new ArrayList();
        i = 0;
    public void addMessage (MessageBean message) {
    public ArrayList getMessages() {
        return messages;
public class MessageBean {
    private String messageDate, subject, body, username, messageId, userImage;
    /** Creates a new instance of MessageBean */
    public MessageBean() {
        body= "";
        messageDate = "";
        userImage = "";
    public String getMessageDate()
        return messageDate;
    public String getSubject()
        return subject;
    public String getBody()
        return body;
    public String getUsername()
        return username;
     public String getUserImage()
        return userImage;
    public String getMessageId()
        return messageId;
    public void setMessageDate(String mDate) throws Exception
        Date d = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd").parse(mDate);
        messageDate = new SimpleDateFormat("dd-MM-yyyy").format(d);
    public void setSubject(String subject)
        this.subject = subject;
    public void setBody(String body)
        this.body = body;
    public void setUsername(String username)
        this.username = username;
     public void setUserImage(String userImage)
        this.userImage = userImage;
    public void setMessageId(String messageId)
        this.messageId = messageId;
PageHandler class - processRequest method
 protected void processRequest(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
    throws ServletException, IOException {    
        HttpSession mySession=request.getSession(true);
        //Validate if user is trying to avoid login
            MessageListBean MessageListBean = new MessageListBean();
            String order = request.getParameter("order");
            String orderText="ORDER BY messageDate DESC";
            if(order==null || order.trim().length()<1){
                orderText="ORDER BY messageDate DESC";
            else {
               int o = new Integer(order).intValue();
                    case 1: orderText="ORDER BY messageDate DESC";break;
                    case 2: orderText="ORDER BY messageDate ASC";break;
                    case 3: orderText="ORDER BY message.username DESC";break;
                    case 4: orderText="ORDER BY message.username ASC";break;
                    case 5: orderText="ORDER BY subject DESC";break;
                    case 6: orderText="ORDER BY subject ASC";break;
            ServletContext context = getServletContext();
            String appDirRoot = context.getRealPath("/");
            String connString = "jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=" + appDirRoot + "forumDB.mdb";
            Connection connForum = DriverManager.getConnection(connString);
            Statement stmtMessages = connForum.createStatement();
            String sqlMessages = "SELECT * FROM message, actor WHERE message.username=actor.username " + orderText;
            ResultSet rsMessages = stmtMessages.executeQuery(sqlMessages);
           MessageBean message;
           int i=0;
            while (
               message = new MessageBean();
                message.setMessageId("" + rsMessages.getInt("messageId") );
          catch (Exception e)
             response.sendRedirect("default.jsp?message=Exception in MessageListGenerator");
JSP page:
 <c:forEach items="${MessageListBean.messages}" var="message">
          <td colspan="3"></td>
          <td width="7%">
          <c:when test="${message.userImage!=null}">
            <img src="images/${message.userImage}" border="0" width="59" height="59">
            <img src="images/default.gif" border="0" width="59" height="59"> 
          <td colspan="3"><c:out value="${message.username}"/></td>
          <td colspan="2"><c:out value="${message.subject}"/></td>
          <td colspan="2" align="center"><a href="ViewMessage?messageId=${message.messageId}">View</a></td>

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>>response.sendRedirect("default.jsp?message=Exception in MessageListGenerator");

The above is incorrect btw (urls can't contain spaces)

You should really log an error and *then* do a redirect

Check server logs for errors you might have missed
bdimitryAuthor Commented:
I forgot to include a call in the JSP page  to the JSTL jar files.
Now it's working.

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