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Write permissions error using Archicad to a Novell server

Recently I have installed a Windows Vista 64-bit workstation on our network. The reason we installed vista was the fact that there is not an XP-64 Novell client.

We get a "write permissions error" trying to save any file from Archicad to a Novell server. We don't have any problem saving files from this workstation to a mapped drive on any of our Novell servers from any program except for Archicad 11 or 12. The permissions on the folders we are trying to save to are completely open and no one using Archicad on an XP machine using the 4.91 Novell client has an issue.

Using ArchiCAd on the 64 bit machine we are able to save locally and to any windows server.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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What rights, specifically, does the user have to the folder in question?

I have seen this type of an error caused by anti-virus software, especially when it is set to scan files as they are being written.
MorganLivingstonAuthor Commented:
The user has every right except Access Control and Supervisor, but I have also authenticated to the Novell server as a full administrator.

As to Virus scanning software - I have not installed any on the workstation yet and I am testing this out on a server without any anti-virus yet either.

Archicad uses a WIBU-KEY for piracy protection, but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with saving issues.


I've seen this with several apps - it's nothing to do with Netware or the Netware client. It's down to crap, non-standard coding by the application vendor and the failure to use the correct APIs for file access.

If you have a modern version of Netware you could try configuring a universal password policy, removing the novell client and mapping using CIFS. If that then works you've isolated the fault to the software which is clearly using Windows-specific filesystem calls, instead of playing by the rules like everyone else does. This hack-job may have gone unnoticed before, but manifests itself when installed on a version of Windows for which it was not designed (ie. Visturd).
MorganLivingstonAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. I have isolated it to the software and decided rather to mess with it just move all of our working ArchiCAD files to a windows file server. Thanks again for your help.
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