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Hi all--

I want to do a little Quicktime scripting using Although there doesn't seem to be a bunch of info on the Net, it definitely seems possible.

I've started a quick little app, then added my QT references: Add > COM > Apple QuickTime Control 2.0 and Apple QuickTime Liblrary 2.0

Next I added:

    Dim test As New QTOLibrary.QTMovie

to my application. When I debug the app, I get a System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException error. I thought that maybe the COMs weren't registered so I registered them via regsvr32 but I'm still getting the error.

Any suggestions?
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APixelsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Heh, I figured it out.

Turns out, it was because I'm trying to build it under a 64-bit enviro. Setting the compile options from "Any CPU" to "x86" fixed the problem.

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