How to Find and Remove Output files(Logfiles) from SSIS package Job with Script?

We are running many SSIS packages Jobs in many SQL Server Machine. We setup log file(Output file) with append option in the job. Now it become very huge size and wants remove. But i need to find out what are the jobs have Output setup and then remove those files. Since I need to do this step in many Server, i am looking script instead of doing it manually. Please share the code? Thanks.
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HoggZillaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not possible so far as I know. SSIS Packages are self contained modules, if logging is set in the package then a file is established by a connection manager object. You must edit the package in Visual Studio BIDS to change the logging.
If logging is done at the job level in the command line dtexec command then you will need to find each command line and remove the logfile attribute.
As far as SQL Server Agent goes, there is probably a way to edit logging via SQL but that is at the SSA job level, not SSIS package. Here is some info on that:
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