Segregate Home Network Using Routers, Switches, Same Gateway

I want to achieve the following

segregate a section of my home network but still use the same gateway. a portion of my network i allow anyone to use the wifi, however, i'd like to segregate my personal computers and laptops from that area of th network. i have the following equipment
Cable Modem >> connected to Linksys wireless router (dhcp) with an OPEN wireless for people

I want to attach a Netgear router to the Linksys wireless router and provide services (lan) to my personal equipment.

Please see the attached image and let me know if this is possible or if i am overlooking something.
The section in red is already setup. What i want to attach to th network is the blue section.
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RartemassLife CoachCommented:
A few questions:
Do you want to give access to the Internet via the wireless network?
Do you personal computers need to access the computers on the wireless network?

Assuming yes to the above questions:
You should be able to set this up with the one router.
On the router, set a DMZ so that only the computers on the private network can access the Internet. Most routers have this option.

You then have several choices in preventing network access to your systems:

-You can configure the host files on the public network PCs so that all requests to the named computer on your private PCs point to
-Set the firewall up so that the private PCs don't accept incomming packets from the public PCs.
-Set private PCs on a different subnet than the public ones, eg private ip 10.1.1.x, private 10.1.2.x

Your proposal is also a possible solution, however the router, switch, and AP can all be one device.
I recommend using the Linksys WRT54GL with DD-WRT installed on it. You can pick one up for under $100.



To set up with your method use the Linksys WRT54GL to connect to the private wireless router. You can tell the public router to disallow the private PCs access to it if you don't want them communicating. You would also need to block the public PCs from accessing the private ones via a firewall. Still set up the DMZ as mentioned above.

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thesurg3onAuthor Commented:
i would want both the wireless router in the red area to provide internet access via DHCP to public users, and in the blue area, i would also want internet access provided (it doesnt have to be DHCP at all).

essentially i want both routers to provide internet access using the same cable modem. if i can set it up with the equipment i already have, then i will try it.

not too familiar with the DMZ setup but will try. Also putting host files on all computers connecting in the red zone is not an option.
RartemassLife CoachCommented:
In that case you don't need a DMZ.

As long as your current router has enough ports for the physical cables, and the wireless access for the rest then you should be able to set it up without extra equipment.

You can set everything up as the same network and restrict file access to certain computers via software firewalls on the private PCs. You should be able to use the free version of Zone Alarm for this purpose if you don't already have a firewall.
thesurg3onAuthor Commented:
Yes, the soft firewalls is something I considered, my main concern is that i have two UPnP devices on the private network with Media sharing which is why I want to isolate these machines from the public part of the network. I do not want people accessing my xbox360 or NAS appliance.

I will setup the network today with the diagram I presented. Thanks.
RartemassLife CoachCommented:
Fair enough. I would still merge the router, switch, and wireless AP in the blue section into a single device, unless you already have the hardware.
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