Automatically Downloading and Saving E-Mail Attachments with Ruby / ActionMailer


I would like to develop a Ruby script, using ActionMailer (or something similar), that logs into a particular e-mail account (on a remote server), checks for new messages, and downloads the messages, saving any attachments (usually .jpg or .pdf) to a subdirectory based on the date the e-mail was sent (local time) and writing relevant header information and any body text to a log file, named according to the date, time, and sender.

So, for example, if sent an e-mail to the account in question, two days ago, at 15:34:07 EST, with the attachments 1001.jpg, 1002, jpg, and 1003.jpg, the script when run will create (if it does not yet exist) a directory /path/to/mail/2008/Nov/04, saving the three attachments, and creating a log file named something like 2008-Nov-04-153407-john.log.

This script will be run on a Linux server, and eventually will be scheduled with cron.

I am familiar with Ruby, though I am by no means an expert. ActionMailer, however, I had not used at all until just last week, and so far, I have used it only for sending e-mail.

Initially, I'd like to leave the e-mails on the server, but I'd like to have to option of removing any e-mail older than x number of days.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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Andrew DoadesIT TechnicianCommented:
I don't know and have not done much with receiving email with action mailer, but this article on the rails wiki looks good

Hope this helps!

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Andrew DoadesIT TechnicianCommented:
the above link also covers download, decoding attachments!
I would suggest looking at TMail for Ruby.  It is a powerful and somewhat simple library.

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Andrew DoadesIT TechnicianCommented:
s1m0neAuthor Commented:

Thanks. Those links *would* be promising if they did not require Windows-only proprietary software. If you find anything similar that is open and runs on Linux, please let me know. I am still interested in a solution.
Andrew DoadesIT TechnicianCommented:
Ah, sorry about that!
I will have a look around for you!
s1m0neAuthor Commented:
This is really old, but I could still use help on this.

If there are any new insights, I would be glad to hear them.

Otherwise, I may be required to close this question.
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