how to fix the following error no netware NDS tress were detected

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when i tried to login and change the password In XP professional the following error occurs
No NetWare NDS trees were detected, unable to perform change password operation.
You may need to change your password separately on NetWare 2.X and 3.X servers that are not part of a password synchronization scheme. Use SETPASS (located in the SYS\\PUBLIC directory on NetWare servers) to do this.
can any expert help to solve this problem
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It would help to know:

*  What version of NetWare you have.  Service pack level  as well.

* are you using the Novell 32-bit client on the workstation?  What version?

* can you successfully login to the server & use resources there?

* what protocol (IP/IPX) are you using to connect to the server?


i am not using netware at all.i am using windows xp as client and 2003 as server
Oh; sorry about that -- I got to the question via the Netware area, so I thought the problem was getting connected to a NetWare server.

Anyway, the implication here is that the client machine was, at one time, connected t a network that used one or more NetWare servers.  You'll need to find & root out the NetWare client software.  A good place to start is (working fro memory here, I don't have XP in front of me) "control panel / network connections / right click "loca area connection" / properties.  Look at list of installed software components and remove anyting NetWare related.  A reboot wil probably be required.

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