Can SBS 2003 R2 premium host more then one web site?

Once again I find myself asking for help on this site.
Still same operating system.
Small business Server 2003 R2 Premium
The system has two network cards one for the internal IP range and one for the External connection to the router which is the gateway which has a static internet IP address.
The question is, I read that SBS 2003 can host more then one web site on one IP address; so far I have not been able to get this working.
I have followed the wizard in IIS and in ISA to set up new websites and firewall access and publishing but nothing work.
I have the domain name provider pointing the domain name to the external static IP address but cannot get any other website other then the default one.
Now I my be wrong in my understanding that SBS 2003 can host more then one site if this is the case let me know, but if it is possible if you know the solution please let me know as well.
When advising on what to do, do not point me to the Microsoft tech site and white papers, I have been there and none of the suggested settings worked, followed step by step.
If you have step by step instruction or screenshots of what setting need to be altered of implemented please let me know.
If you require further information please ask I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge.
Thanks you in anticipation.
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Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
It is not a good idea to host sites on SBS. It is your primary DC.

You can bind more than one IP to your external NIC and ISA will pick that up. From there you setup your Web Hosting URL publishing rule in ISA to point to the SBS server if you are using that, or to redirect to your second dedicated IIS box (recommended).

It is simple and straight forward.


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bidoneAuthor Commented:
Hello Philip, thanks for your suggestion. Let see if I got this right.
You suggest that I should place the IIS server on another machine with its own static internal IP address. And Host the web Sites on that machine.
Then you suggest that I bind the external IP address of the server of the second Nic to that of the internal ip address of the IIS box.
Then create a web access rule in ISA to publish the different web sites.
OK because I am new at this you have to give me more instructions.
The first issue I have with this is that I don't know if the SBS 2003 license allows me to install the IIS service on another box.
Second to which external IP address am I supposed to bind the internal IP address to? See diagram below for current setup.
The third issue that I have how do I configure the rule in ISA for the URL publishing?
Thanks for your help
bidoneAuthor Commented:
I have uploaded the diagram but it has not appeared yet!!!!
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bidoneAuthor Commented:
Network Diagram
bidoneAuthor Commented:
Well looks like no one knows the answer to this question I had no replies, so I am going to stop it. :-(
bidoneAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your brief description MPECSInc (Phillip) but I had not heard from you regarding my request for more details, so I assume you are not interested. I will give you the points anyway even the fact that the problem still exists.
bidoneAuthor Commented:
Thank you for trying.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
My apologies ... our client demands went through the roof along with a severe illness that took me out for about 2 weeks.
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